Investment Criteria

A holistic long-term approach

Lasting Value

Our experience has led us to realise that the conventional private equity model fails in its lack of support for thousands of UK owner-managed businesses.

This is because of its unrealistic checklist with demands for double digit year-on-year growth and defined 3-5 year exits.

Coupled with the expectation of 3x money returns and the perceived risk of investing in sub £1m EBITDA business, this has all limited the growth opportunities of smaller businesses.

This model doesn’t work for you or us.

Our focus is on supporting the potential and identifying opportunities to create lasting value throughout the lifecycle of a business. We prioritise a holistic and long-term approach, steering clear of rigid timelines to match your needs.

Traditional Private Equity Our Approach
Offers the prospect of significant profit growth over 3-5 years. No set timetable. Deliver sustainable growth underpinned by an agreed business plan. We know the lows and highs and every investment has a different natural growth lifecycle.
Product or service with a competitive edge, IP or unique selling point (USP). Interested in businesses that would benefit from operational or strategic change.
Managed by experienced and ambitious teams. We are ‘hands on’ and support management teams operationally, financially and strategically.

Where required we have brought together whole new management teams, identifying skill gaps within organisations and introducing suitable resources to address these and deliver the growth strategy.

Senior management team should be experienced in complementary areas. Passionate and talented management with growth potential who we can work with.
Successes in running businesses previously. Use of our extensive network of successful entrepreneurs to provide specific market knowledge and support the incumbent management team.
Management expected to invest a sum of money which is considered substantial to personal situation, e.g. one year’s package. Tailor-made funding structure to suit all stakeholders.